Talk: PDF Accessibility I

I am pleased to report that my first talk on PDF Accessibility (PDF Accessibility I), held in Ottawa, was a great success.

The attendees had significant understanding of PDF or web accessibility or MS Word yet all of them went away knowing more than they did beforehand and feeling that the talk was well worth it.

I haven’t had much speaking experience lately but my couple of years of teaching really helped me. I wasn’t worried so much about presenting as I was about the content and whether the attendees would feel the content was beneficial. In the post-talk discussion, it was clear to me that they were very pleased with both although there were recommendations for improvement (even I stopped at one point to write a brief note to myself about an item I should incorporate next time).

One of the attendees felt that it would be excellent for his communications staff to attend this talk but it would be better if it was reworked as a more hands-on workshop filling a full day instead of just a half-day.

Looking forward to presenting it again in January, either as a talk or a workshop.

Next, is part II for more advanced techniques and information.

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